Worcester's Reservoirs

After the Rain: Worcester's Reservoirs

Most large cities' water supplies lie 100 miles or more from downtown, so the public never gets to see where the water they consume is stored. But Worcester is a small city, and its reservoirs populate the adjoining towns. In many cases, they are bordered by roads along which people can drive and view some very nice New England scenery. These photos were taken in late October 1995, after the peak of fall foliage but when the days were still warm and pleasant and when more subdued but still beautiful autumn colors could be seen.

This is a representative, but by no means complete, tour of the reservoirs.

Thayer and Holden Reservoir #2
Holden Reservoir #3
The "Little Pond" at Holden Reservoir #3
South Road
Kendall Reservoir
Pine Hill Reservoir
Kettle Brook Reservoir #1
Kettle Brook Reservoir #2
Kettle Brook Reservoir #3

Historical note: These pages were originally created in November 1995, when Internet browsers were in their infancy. The pictures were taken especially for this narrative, and were "digitized" at the time they were developed as low-resolution JPEGs, crammed about 24 pictures onto each diskette. They were further shrunk before inclusion in the web pages to accomodate the very slow modem connection speeds of the era. This year-end 2003 reworking of the pages restores the photos to their original digitized size, with improved color and sharpness.

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