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- by Marvin Lee, March 11, 1996

The CIA was formed to protect our form of government from foreign threats. Top employees, however, realized that Congressional interference, Congressional funding limits, and U.S. law was an impediment in carrying out that mission efficiently. They secretly formed a Super CIA to avoid these constraints.

A source who was being recruited for this Super CIA in the 1970s by an agent using the name Bueso Rosa told the Washington Weekly that the Super CIA was formed outside the United States and was funded in part by drug money.

"They were originally going to achieve self-sufficiency by dealing in drugs. But they were only going to do it long enough to get money together to start legitimate businesses and then they would stop that," the source says. But the drug importation at Mena, Arkansas to fund the covert CIA war in Nicaragua shows that drug smuggling continued up through the 1980s. And reporter Scott Wheeler says he has documentary evidence suggesting drug activity at Mena airport during the past year. He has documented arrivals of planes with non-registered tail numbers, suggesting illegal activity.

The corrupting influence of this Super CIA reached into the Justice Department, the FBI, the DEA, and other agencies. "I realized that the FBI was in on all that stuff. The FBI and the DEA - these guys are getting their take."

Reporter Danny Casolaro was tracing the tentacles of this Super CIA and referred to it as the Octopus when he was found dead in his hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia in 1991. "That's what it is, that's what the Super CIA is, it's the Octopus. It's just another name for the same thing," the source says.

But members of this Super CIA did not necessarily consider what they were doing as being wrong. "Bueso Rosa said that they consider themselves the real American patriots of this century. They were doing it to fight communism. Any means justified guaranteeing the continued existence of the U.S. form of government... smuggling drugs, counterfeiting, blackmailing, they assassinate people, they have accidents, they do anything that they need to do to get the job done."

The source also says that the Super CIA funded political campaigns both abroad and in the U.S. - even presidential campaigns. This corroborates the claim made by Terry Reed in his 1994 book "Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA," where he asks: "Does the CIA sponsor candidates to the office of U.S. President? The answer is yes." Reed was referring to Bill Clinton, who facilitated the use of Mena airport for CIA activities.

We may be seeing the latest tentacle of this Super CIA right before our eyes. The string of announced retirements by Congressmen allegedly is caused by them being caught with stashes of money in foreign bank accounts. "People would not believe the number of U.S. Congressmen and Senators that have huge bank accounts in Grand Cayman Island," the source says. Reporter James Norman, who has made similar claims, told the Washington Weekly that the two Congressmen who announced their retirement last Monday, Toby Roth and Sam Gibbons, received manila envelopes exposing their secret accounts the weekend before. He says that three more envelopes were delivered last week.

[Published in the March 11, 1996 issue of the Washington Weekly]