"Economic Democracy"

The Carlisle Colonial Minute Men participating in the Patriots' Day events commemorating the Bicentennial of the beginning of the American Revolution, April 19, 1975

Warning to teenagers: You may see your parents here. Remember, you are supposed to do as they say, not do as they did when they were your age.

Preliminary event - Capping the Liberty Pole in Bedford, April 12, 1975: (coming someday....)

Preliminary event - Commemoration at "Meriam's Corner", April 12, 1975: (coming someday....)

The day before - April 18, 1975:

Patriots' Day in Carlisle and Concord, April 19, 1975:

Exercises in Carlisle Center -

On the Estabrook Trail (old road to Concord) -

At the North Bridge -

The Parade to Concord Center -

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